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 Introducing the Ephemera Fix Subscription Box

What's that? You'd like a stationery store at your finger tips? Well, why didn't you say something sooner.

That's it! We're moving in and you'll never be with out card again! Rejoice! 

Wait, our legal advisor (read: college friend who is now a kickass lawyer) says we can't do that... Not illegal, just weird.

She may have a point. But we do love you like a bestie with a stationery addiction, and we've still got your back!

Enter the Period Six EPHEMERA FIX - a handpicked collection of stationery to keep you looking like the most prepared-party-person in the land. Each month we'll send you 4 seasonally appropriate cards with varying degrees of sweet and snark.  

So go ahead and #sendmoresnailmail already! 

The How What Why of Period Six Studio's Ephemera Fix Subscription Box

More questions? Check out the Ephemera Fix FAQ