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The Furnace

Alchemy Ornament Collection

$ 30.00 USD
Mineral Blue
Joyful Pink
Regal White

The ALCHEMY line of ornaments captures the inherently magical qualities of blown glass, from the texture achieved by melting small chunks of glass into the piece to the crystalline reactions of different chemical compounds in the colors. The colors are ‘picked’ or ‘raked’ at multiple points around the orb, adding movement to the overall design.

These stunning orbs push the boundaries of glass in terms of both texture and color. The colors are combined in particular ways to achieve chemical reactions that add to their unique look. At the same time, the colors aren't completely smoothed into each orb, giving each a distinctive feel (and extra tiny ridges to twinkle in the lights of your tree!)

:: Approximately 3.25" diameter

:: Colored glass hook

:: Hand-blown in Lakewood, Colorado by The Furnace Glassworks.