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Artisan Watercolor Set

$ 48.00 USD

Attention artists everywhere! Looking for a rewarding, DIY art set? This full watercolor art set comes with three 9x12" letterpressed black foil art prints, watercolor paint set, and refillable watercolor brush.  Perfectly packaged, this artisan watercolor set makes a great gift for that maker in your life!
The watercolor paint set is ideal for travel and field painting with a lid that doubles as a mixing palette. The water brush has a refillable water tank to make cleanup a breeze. Each print comes as essentially a blank canvas for you to create your own watercolor magic!
:: 12 color watercolor set in traveling tin
:: Refillable 7 inch water brush

:: Three 9x12" 1canoe2 art prints letterpressed with black foil.
:: Designed by 1canoe2.