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JC Custom Design Works

Beetle Kill 6 Pack Carrier

$ 25.00 USD $ 38.00 USD

Check it out! This local Colorado Beetlekill wood 6 pack holder is the perfect gift for your favorite beer drinker! With the reminder of the Rocky Mountains on all the sides, load it on up with your favorite local craft beers. Carry your 6 pack to the porch, party, campfire, just about anywhere. The bottle opener is never far and the unfinished roughsawn wood is lightly sanded to keep that rustic feel. All wood used is locally sourced from the Rocky Mountains and only from Colorado. Don't forget to bring it with you when you go select your singles at your favorite liquor store. Wood grains may vary from those in the picture and unfortunately no beer is included when ordering.

:: Crafted by hand in Colorado by J.C. Custom Design Woodworks.