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Duke Cannon Supply Co.

Big American Bourbon Soap

$ 10.00 USD

In the early days of the American Frontier, rugged pioneers indulged with a dry buffalo steak and a pull of whiskey, not $12 appletini and plate of bruschetta. Duke Cannon honors that independent, pioneering spirit by partnering with Buffalo Trace Distillery to add their award-winning Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey to this Big Ass and Big American Bourbon Soap. Weighing in at a full 10 oz., this large, American-made soap has a rich, oak barrel scent that smells as good as bourbon tastes.

:: 2-3x the size of common, dainty soaps

:: Two packaging options (the only difference is the name ... in case your favorite bourbon drinker has more delicate sensibilities, ha!)

  • Big Ass
  • Big American

:: The unique, oak barrel scent is masculine and outstanding, but not overpowering
:: Yes, they really put delicious Buffalo Trace Bourbon in the soap

p.s. *A note from Duke Cannon... "Does Bourbon benefit the skin? We have no idea, but bourbon tends to make everything better, so why not?"