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Duke Cannon Supply Co.

Big Ass Beer Soap

$ 5.00 USD
Box Style

One day while sipping a refreshing shower beer, Duke Cannon got the idea: what if they put beer in the soap? Turns out there are actual skin benefits that come from the beer, but that's just a nice side benefit of doing something awesome. So, they partnered with Duke Cannon's friends at Old Milwaukee, purveyors of a quality domestic lager enjoyed by hard-working Americans since 1849. The result is a Big Ass Beer Soap that suds up well, gets you clean, and smells outstanding.

(It doesn't smell like beer. It has a woodsy, sandalwood scent that smells like a man should.)

:: Available in 2 packaging styles- OG (original) & WWII Era (Pinup) or on a rope (red, white, and blue 550 mil-spec paracord)

:: 10 oz. bar. 

:: A portion of proceeds benefits U.S. Veterans. 

:: Manufactured in USA. 

p.s. To honor the military heritage of the Big Ass Brick of Soap, this particular item comes in Limited Edition "Stars and Stripes" pin-up packaging modeled after the iconic female wartime heroes of the WWII-era.