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Toast Ceramics

Trio of Ceramic Pet Bowls

A great water or food bowl for your furry friend. Designed with a flat bottom and inward sloping sides for minimal tipping by your furry friend. Fits approximately 4 cups, wet or dry.

Ditch your BPA, bacteria, and potentially lead ridden plastic bowl for this safer alternative! In addition to the potentially hazardous chemicals in plastic, scratches (that can occur from stirring, chewing, pawing, etc.) can harbor harmful bacteria. Keep your pets safe and support USA made goods with this ceramic bowl.

:: Process - White stoneware, wheel thrown by Toast Ceramics, hand drawn, hand painted, glazed, and fired to cone 6.

:: Care - Foodsafe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe. Not necessarily child-proof, but darn close.

:: Height: 1.5-2.5"
:: Widths: 4" diameter, 6" diameter, and 10" diameter

:: Handmade with care by Toast Ceramics in Wisconsin. 

$ 38.00

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