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Oberini Glass

Garden Charms :: Oberini Glass

$ 40.00 USD $ 68.00 USD
Cobalt Blue
Light Blue

Garden charms gently wiggle in the wind just like real flowers, as they spiral up to the sky. Even more adorable when birds alight on their top swirl. Safe to leave in all kinds of weather all year long, and beautiful with snow on them.

:: Shipped with a 30 inch tall metal stick . But, the neat thing is, since the glass simply slides onto a metal rod, you can use any height, up to 6 feet tall, that fits into your garden or your indoor potted plants, FABULOUS Dahlings!

:: Each is individually hand made, due to the laws of physics and chemistry size, color, weight, shape varies slightly.

:: Listing is for one charm. 

:: Handblown glass. Made in USA by Oberini Glass.