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Whisker Dam

Handmade Copper Mustache Guard

$ 20.00 USD

"It's like an umbrella for your face!"

The Whisker Dam is a portable way to keep your mustache looking fresh and dry while enjoying a drink. It fits neatly over pint glasses, highballs, and other drinking glasses. With embossed lettering and a weathered patina, this ‘stache saver takes its design cues from mustache guards that were popular centuries ago. And a non-toxic coating keeps any metallic taste out of your mouth.

:: 100% Copper. 

:: Flexible tabs to fit different size glassware. 3.25" x .75"

:: Great for hot and cold drinks. 

:: Care- rinse with mild soap and water.

:: Cleverly designed and handcrafted with an antique finish in San Diego, CA.