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happy habitat by karrie dean

Lanai Eco Cotton Throw

$ 165.00 USD

If you don't know what a lanai is, look it up. But the outcome here is a modern striped throw in a soft and warm colorway that will look good on any sofa. Should also mention: it’s machine washable AND eco-friendly.

Happy Habitat's full-sized throw is big enough for one blanket hog or on call for snuggles with no sense of personal space! Whether you drape them in your living room for color or cuddle up non-stop, we know you'll love the bold patterns and rest easy under the eco-cotton.

:: Colors here are - black, terracotta (light reddish-orange), blush (pale warm pink), and gold.

:: 50 x 60 inches

:: 80% Recycled Cotton/20% Acrylic

:: Machine Wash & Dry

:: Made in the USA

p.s. the recycled cotton is made from pre-consumer fibers and clippings collected in the textile manufacturing process. pieces that would normally be discarded get a second life. this means they stay out of the incinerator and landfill. recycled cotton fibers require no extra dyeing, cutting down on pollutants and water usage. the simplified process reduces energy and resource use. no land addition land use, irrigation, fertilizers or pesticides.