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Mayana Chocolate

Rainbow Heart-Shaped Salted Caramels + Chocolate Wrapped :: 6-Piece Box

$ 13.00 USD

Salted Caramel Hearts hand-painted in rainbow colors to show your PRIDE. Six in a box - makes a delightful anytime gift.

Six beautiful hearts filled with delicious salted caramel nestled in a gold box with a clear lid to capture your heart! 

Delicious flavors you can't find anywhere but from Mayana.

:: 6 pieces of gourmet chocolates. 

:: Handmade in Spooner, WI by Mayana Chocolate.

p.s. We love Mayana Chocolates for celebrating love. The chocolate company is run by husband and wife team Daniel and Tamara Herskovic - who are as in love with chocolate and caramel as they are with each other! The married skills from the elite culinary and event industries of New York, San Francisco, and Chicago to build a delicious home for Mayana Chocolate in Spooner, Wisconsin.