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Saturday Afternoon 3 Way

$ 3.00 USD $ 5.95 USD

:: Blank inside.

:: A2 size.

:: 100% post-consumer recycled paper. 80% post-consumer recycled kraft envelope. Plant-based compostable clear sleeve.

Who are they?

Husband and wife team Josh Nusbaum and Jennifer Pagliar are inspired by the world around them. Drawing from the natural beauty and unique culture of Portland, they hope to create letterpress designs that brighten someone’s day and open their hearts. The company’s name comes from the simple, but mighty climbing knot.

Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.

Why do we love ‘em?

We love the way this letterpress company really ties together an outdoor spirit and a joie de vivre with such awesome letterpress images. Their commitment to giving back to soul and to the environment keeps us watching to see what they do next!