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Marchello Art

Spoon + Knife Bud Vase

$ 30.00 USD

Silver bud vases are made from a hollow handle knife and recycled spoon. Vases will hold one small flower and a few ounces of water. They vary in height from 4-8 inches tall. Silverware patterns vary as well. Bud vases are lacquered and do not tarnish.

:: Handcrafted in Michigan by Marchello Art. 

p.s. Check out what John Marchello has to say about his art...

"As an artist, I give myself two goals: first, to inspire people to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle and second, to reveal the hidden beauty that can be found in places that are often overlooked. I accomplish these goals by creating jewelry and art from 100% recycled materials. I hope to influence everyone who sees my work to live a more sustainable lifestyle."