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Windsparrow Studio

Spring Botanicals Headband Collection

$ 15.00 USD
Scarf Color
Ink Color

These headbands are perfect for anyone, from child to adult. They're lightweight and strong, making them great for workouts, yoga class, dancing, gardening, trips to town, and more.

Patterns reflect ALLIUM, BERRY BRANCH, FERNS, CHRYSANTHEMUM, LAUREL, and PARSLEY designs and the abundance of the Pacific Northwest.

:: Headband width is adjustable when worn and showcases the hand printed design beautifully. * Please note that these are made to fit the head snugly.

:: Made from stretchy, strong, rayon jersey.

:: Approx. 18.5” around, un-stretched.  About 2 inches to 10 inches wide (adjustable)

:: Handwash only.

:: Approximately 10 in. wide, 60 in. long.  

:: Handmade in Washington by Windsparrow Studio.