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Blue Star Coloring

Stress Relieving Flower Patterns Adult Coloring Book

$ 9.99 USD

Why not turn off your devices, sharpen those colored pencils and tune in to the relaxation of coloring? In no time you'll be forgetting your worries and falling into the creative, meditative calm coloring facilitates. 
From the proteas to the dahlias and terrariums, we can't wait to break the spine on this book and relax!  Each unique design is illustrated by Alexandra Doffing, which, if you'll allow us to brag for a moment, we knew her when and are so proud to see her killing it! 
:: 30 one-of-a-kind floral designs.
:: Beautifully illustrated in Minneapolis, MN by Alexandra Doffing. 
:: Printed in the USA by Blue Star Coloring, an imprint of PCG Publishing Group.