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Parris Chic Boutique

Handlettered Eat and Celebrate Table Runner

Beautiful off white, oatmeal color with black text - charming with any decor

:: 13" wide, 6' long

:: Design printed on both ends of the table runner, about 10"x12" in print size. Calligraphy by PCB owner Alyssa Thiel.

:: Made from Osnaburg - a 100% cotton fabric that resembles linen.

:: Handmade with love by the Parris Chic Boutiqe team. All Parris Chic Boutique products are hand-crafted therefore there may be some slight variations in each one. The fabric is a natural fiber and is subject to imperfections and inconsistent coloration which adds to the rustic look of this item.

:: Product photo by Love & Light Photographs 

$ 26.00

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