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Shoppe 815

Tobacco Candle

$ 36.00 USD

There is a soothing familiarity that occurs when lighting the Shoppe 815 Tobacco candle.  Enjoy the vintage quality of spicy tobacco leaves mixed with sweet vanilla bean.  Reminisce with this unique yet recognizable scent.


:: 13 oz soy candle

:: 4" x 3.5"

:: Approx 80 hr burn time

:: Hand-poured in California by Shoppe 815.

p.s. A little insight into how we chose Shoppe 815 to be a part of the Period Six mix of artisans.

Entering the wanderlust inspiring Shoppe 815 booth at the annual Outdoor Retailers show, we were drawn the motor oil candle out of curiosity and didn't expect to love it, but we did! This is the adventurous and uber-nostalgic scent that drew us to Shoppe 815 and it's founder Katy. With this one candle, she conjured all kinds of moments spent with my grandfather and his motorcycle shop. If she could summon those kinds of memories for us, we had to see what her creations could do for you! - K & A