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Urban Scout Gift Set

$ 44.95 USD

Pocket knife and a leather Crescent Key. What could be better? 

This ultra-slim knife comes with an instruction sheet that details all the finer workings of the credit-card-sized folding knife. This knife also has a backup plan for when traveling through airport security. The blade can be removed and surrendered at TSA, and replaced at a later time.

Choose from ST-2 (fits in your front jean coin pocket) and WildCard (fits in your wallet).

Keep your keys in check with Zootility's fingernail friendly Keyround®. It is easy to open yet the intricate clasp design will keep your keys safe and secure! One snap attaches to your belt loop while the other snap keeps Keyround locked in place.

:: Contains one folding pocket knife and one leather keychain with belt clip.

:: Made in the USA. Pattened by Zootility Tools.