10 Birthday Cards You'll Wish Were in Your Mailbox On Your Special Day

10 Birthday Cards You'll Wish Were in Your Mailbox On Your Special Day

10 Birthday Cards You'll Wish Were in Your Mailbox On Your Special Day
I don't know about you, but one of my favorite parts of having a birthday is  receiving mail that isn't a bill, advertisement or some other recycling bin fodder. There's something magical about seeing the corner of a colorful envelope peeking out from a pile of mail. I treasure those brief moments and love sending birthday cards for the same reason. 
Some of my favorite people were born in the fall... so I thought this would be a great time to share with you a few of my favorite birthday cards we have stocked here at Period Six. (sorry-not-sorry if you've opened or will open the mailbox to find one of these from me!)
1. Floral No. 2 Birthday Card from Pen+Pillar. 
"wishing you the best birthday"
The simple elegance of this card makes it resonate with me. Perfect for those who like to write a heartfelt greeting, which would make this card's creator very happy. Taylor Mahlke creates from a place of love and philanthropy, giving 10% of her profits to refugees starting a new life in North Carolina. 
Are you feeling a little warm and fuzzy? Great! You're primed for the next three picks, all by the Colleen Attara Studio, and each so eloquent you won't know what else to add.

 2. For the Birthday Girl ..."Each year, you become a more exquisite version of yourself. So intuitive. And Beautiful. I love celebrating you."
What birthday girl wouldn't want to receive this card? Colleen's way with words make her cards a perennial favorite here at Period Six. 
Case and point, the next two are also from her studio. 
3. "Happy birthday my forever friend... Being with you is like coming home to something warm and familiar. I am so grateful for how we can just pick up right where we left off." Colleen Attara
I'm always excited to see people choose this card. May everyone be lucky enough to have a friend that this is perfect for!
4. "Peace, love and happy birthday. Who you have always been is so in fashion." Colleen Attara
If sentimental doesn't seem right, you can still enjoy the treasures sewn together in a Colleen Attara card. Take this traveling van for example, a little lighter in message, but still a trove of the found objects and interesting storytelling. 
5. "You & Birthday Cake Go Wayyyy Back" by Rhubarb Paper Co.
6. "Cake Cake Cake" by Chalkscribe
7. "It's Your Birthday... Have Some F**king Gluten" Sweet Letterpress
These three are a sweet departure from sentimentality, but don't underestimate their greeting powers! I love a card that disguises takes a light hearted punch, because, if you can't use levity here, where can you? 

9. Scratch Off Birthday Balloon from Inklings.
Speaking of levity, get a look at this balloon birthday card. Simply write a message on the balloon, stick the gold sticker over your message and wait for the birthday celebrater to scratch it off! What a fun way to interact with a card! Perfect for a light heart of any age!
10. "Happy Birthday! May Your Year Be Even More Fabulous Than It Looks on the Internet." by Emily McDowell Studio.
 And finally we have one of my all time favorites, a true Emily McDowell favorite and an earnest birthday wish! We put the best parts of our lives out there for everyone to see, but here's to you having even more wonder IRL.
It was difficult to narrow it down to 10 favorites. I'm sure you've received or sent some great ones as well. We'd love to hear about them in the comments below or share with us by using the hashtag #period6studio
Can't wait to see some of the greats you've encountered!


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