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our m.o.


period six emerged from a mother and daughter's love for cards...and on the spectrum of sugar to sass, we scribble with the whole box of crayons. 


our taste in art may be ever evolving, but here's a few period six pillars of truth. 

art is the most powerful tool we have to meet each other in a place of curiosity, shared humanity, and dignity.

art should be accessible to everyone.

connections and accessibility via art is why we focus on representing local coloradan and american artists.

we're here to celebrate connecting. 

punctuated ephemera.

ephemera {əˈfem(ə)rə} :: noun

1. things that are used or enjoyed for a short time. ie written or printed memorabilia.

we take traditional forms of ephemera and punch 'em up. from the written word to funky jewelry we delight in making statements. period. 

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