A Little Taste of the Mediterranean in Golden, Colorado

A Little Taste of the Mediterranean in Golden, Colorado

A Little Taste of the Mediterranean in Golden, Colorado


To kick off our new monthly artisan spotlight, we did a little Q&A with a company based in our backyard. Period Six Studio began carrying Healthy Harvest's products about a year ago products after meeting them at a farmers market. We fell in love with every thing we tried and couldn't wait to share them with you! Enjoy learning little more about Healthy Harvest, come in for a sample and stay tuned in June for a couple great recipes to make you a Healthy Harvest enthusiast too! 

Q: Can you tell us a little about how Healthy Harvest started? 
A: Healthy Harvest started 12 years ago when Karl, the owner, was an organic farmer from Missouri. At a farmers market, Karl met a family from Greece who revealed to him the fraud in the olive oil industry in the U.S.and invited him to visit their estate in Sparta for a  taste of the real deal. After seeing the longevity and vitality of the village people who had enjoyed a traditional Mediterranean diet their whole life, Karl wanted to share their wisdom with as many as possible. We have shared their high quality olives and olive oil ever since. Since moving to Colorado 4 years ago, we have continued to add to the traditional, healing whole foods that we offer. 
Q: What differentiates you from other specialty/ organic food companies?
A: We're in the people business. We have longstanding personal relationships with both the farms from who we source and the customers we educate about a healthy lifestyle. Our family only sells products we use in our own home and that help to heal, rather than harm, our bodies and the planet. As for our products,
  • Our extra virgin olive oil is first cold pressed and tested in an independent lab for purity. We only sell the most recent harvest. 
  • Our olives and dressings are raw, fermented so you get healthy bacteria for your gut
  • Our moisturizing, anti-aging organic facial oils contain no useless fillers, parabens, or harmful chemicals
We could go on and on about the uniqueness of our products, but you can read more at our website healthyharvests.com.
Q: What is your favorite Healthy Harvest product? Why?
A: Our Healthy Harvest Greek every day cooking oil! It is so light and buttery that it adds great flavor but doesn't overpower what you cook with it. Also, studies shows EVOO loses no nutrients when heated up to 350. We using it for sauteeing, frying, roasting, baking - EVERYTHING. I even take a straight tablespoon in the morning for its anti-inflammatory benefits and smooth digestion. 
Q: Do you have a favorite use for Healthy Harvest out of the kitchen? 
A: Our extra virgin olive oil is my favorite beauty product. I use it as an all-natural, vitamin and antioxidant-rich moisturizer for my skin, face, and hair. In fact, Our True Tuscan is so light and silky, an esthetician collaborated with us to create our Organic Facial Oils with natural SPF. If I won't eat food with chemicals, I'm not putting it on my skin either. 
Q: Is it important for you to create a health minded community around your products? If so what do you do to foster/ grow that community?
A: Community is probably our biggest focus. None of us were ever into the corporate lifestyle, so we created a company where we could connect with people over good food. We exchange knowledge, recipes, and even hugs with our market friends and customers. And online, we have a community that looks forward to receiving gorgeous gourmet recipes each week.
Healthy Harvest Profile Picture at Market
Q: What markets can we find you at this summer? 
A: Over the summer, we meet people at 11 weekly markets all over the front range, including Golden on Saturdays from 8-1. When we're not at the market, you can find us hosting olive oil tastings and wine and cheese parties to gather round good food. 
:: Available year round at Period Six Studio ::
The 2017 harvest is in! This year's pressing of oil was just received and bottled. You can't find fresher extra virgin olive oil anywhere. To taste it is to love it!
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