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Robert Kahl Glass

Blown Glass Candy Canes :: Robert Kahl Glass

$ 16.50 USD
Purple | Green
Blue | White
Light & Dark Blue
Blue | Green
Lime Green | Light Blue
Black | White
Light Blue | Orange
Yellow | Red
Orange | Red
Purple | Blue
Lime Green | Green

Never really understood why Gramma hung candy canes on the tree? These blown glass candy canes will make you rethink it - and stop thinking about how old the sugary ones are! 

::  The candy canes are about 7 inches long and approximately a 1/4 inch in diameter.

:: Not all colors are represented in photo. We'd be happy to send a pic if you'd like confirmation of a color. 

::  Handcrafted Blown Glass Made By: Kahl Glass Studio, Nevada City, CA.