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Graves Co Potter

Nesting Ceramic Heart Bowls

$ 14.00 USD
Dead Sexy Black

Each heart bowl is wheel thrown and altered to the heart shape. These little hearts are just the right size for food prep, salt cellars, candy dishes, trinket dishes, ice cream and anything else you can put into a bowl.

:: Each bowl is wheel thrown and altered, so no two bowls are exactly alike.

:: The high fire white stoneware is microwave & dishwasher safe. All glazes are mixed at the Graves Co. Pottery studio and are entirely food safe. 

 :: Three Sizes Available: 

  • small: approx 2.5" across.
  • medium: approx 3" across.
  • large: approx 4" across.

:: Set of Three includes one of each size in a single color.

 :: Designed and made in the USA, with an eye for cool by Gravesco Pottery.