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Red Bison Studio

Indian Paintbrush Mug

$ 38.00 USD
Teal :: Speckled Underglaze

The pride of the Rocky Mountains, also referred to as prairie fire. You can find these across the great plains, and throughout the Rocky Mountains splashing the landscape with an intensely red flower. Beautifying an already incredible part of the country. 

Red Bison's Indian Paintbrush mug is available in a natural cream glaze, teal, or cool teal with speckled underglaze - you can taste a warm western summer sky with every sip. Cheers

:: 15 oz coffee mug (give or take an ounce or two - handmade is groovy like that!)

:: Individually wheel-thrown. Please allow for slight variations.

:: Handcrafted in Sheridan, WY by Red Bison Studio.