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Wallaby Boomerangs

Beginner Boomerangs

$ 18.00 USD

This is one of the easiest boomerangs you will ever throw, suitable for the entire family. Very light, small distance, easy to use to learn the basics of boomerang throwing. If you are completely new to the sport of boomerangs, this would be the perfect starter boomerang for you.

:: Available for right-handed throwers only.

:: For adults and kids from 9 years old.

:: Handcrafted with the best Aircraft plywood in the world.

:: Distance maximum of the flight, 60 to 75 feet.

:: Wingspan, 9 1/4 inch.

:: This model is great for light winds.

:: Throwing instructions included available in English, French, Spanish.

:: Handpainted wood and signed by Stephane Marguerite.

p.s. Wood is a natural and dynamic product, the shade, grain, and colors of the boomerang may vary slightly from this shown on this page from actual product color.